Visit to the Jewish Community in Düsseldorf



Dear Brethren,

yesterday we visited the Jewish community in Düsseldorf in order to present a cheque for the Jewish Kindergarten. This was a donation of funds collected in the year when Jörg-thomas was worshipful Master of the Lodge, and he chose to support the Paul-Moor-Schule and also the Jewish Kindergarten in Düsseldorf.

We were given a guided tour of the Synagogue by the Executive Director of the Jewish Community Herr Szentei-Heise, which was not only interesting, but very humorous! One thing I learnt yesterday is that the Jews can certainly tell Jewish jokes – and laugh heartily at them!

We were shown the Torah scrolls, all hand written, and one of them was opened for us to see. Although not able to read the writing, it was most impressive to see such beautiful hand work. Apparently it takes a Torah scribe one year to produce one scroll. The Scroll is to be absolutely perfect, and used to be vetted by two experts, this is now done by computer text recognition!

We then went across to the Kindergarten, where Frau Nadine Schleicher gave us a guided tour of the facility. Showing us the Kitchen, which is in two halves, one side for Milk Products and the other for meat – even the plates are colour coded, so that they are not cross used – blue for milk red for meat. We were shown the new Calming Sensory Room which is very similar to the one we know at the Paul-Moor-schule the relaxing atmosphere here was palpable! Finally, we visited a group of children and were shown some of their artwork and given an insight into their daily activities.

All in all a very pleasant couple of hours, and as I said to Herr Szentel-Heise when we parted, not only was it interesting, but it was fun!

Fraternally yours