Lodge Niederrhein Installation 29 May, 2016

Lodge Niederrhein Installation 29 May, 2016 Holiday Inn Ratingen Dusseldorf

As a non- resident but Past Master of Lodge Niederrhein, please find a brief note regarding the wonderful Installation we attended last week.

Brethren, it was a great Saturday.  I would like to congratulate, W Bro Jim Lutton for the manner in which he carried out his duties, as Installing Master, and all the brethren who carried out their duties in the Temple. It was great joy for all present watching t Brother German Ramirez-Espinoza Installed as Master of Lodge Niederrhein.

There were many brethren at the Meeting (including a large gathering of non-residents and visitors).

Among the visitors and non -residents there were brethren from our Sister German Lodges and from the Netherlands, Italy, Manchester, Doncaster, Sussex, Berkshire and from Swan of Avon Lodge in Stratford upon Avon.

We were honoured by the presence of the Grand Master, MW Bro Bill Beardmore and other Grand Lodge Officers from Germany and England.

The Installation itself had many highlights including the presentation of the Working Tools with typical Lodge Niederrhein style. Well done Siegfried Vallei, (Inner Workings), Tam Pearce, (3rd) Euan Dykes (2nd) and Tassos Fountis (1st.) (Germany, Scotland, New Zealand and Greece)

It was a really nice touch by W Brother Martin Papenheim, the Organist.to play the Mexican National Anthem for our Worshipful Master during the procession out of the Temple.

Our new Worshipful Master began with immense charisma and should prove to be an excellent Master. Well done Worshipful Brother German Ramirez-Espinoza


The Festive Board meal was superb and substantial money was raised for the WM Charity by way of a raffle.

The Grand Master gave an outstanding response to the Toast to him where he emphasised the need for Freemasonry to consider changes if we were to progress. Most Worshipful Brother Bill Beardmore reminded us that when Freemasonry started it was a radical organisation and it was vital that we did not forget that. fact. He mentioned that UGLE had commenced a programme of planning for the future and stressed the importance of unity. He said that Lodge Niederrhein was a good example of how to go forward.

The GM expressed his appreciation for the week-end and thanked Niederrhein for its strength, support and loyalty to the United Grand Lodges of Germany and the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany.

In my response to the Toast to the Grand Lodge Officers, I echoed the sentiments raised by the Grand Master and mentioned the progress being made in Warwickshire under our Provincial Grand Master and at Swan of Avon in particular. Unity and the International aspects of freemasonry being so important. Yes, the Lodge, brethren, is the place of peace and friendship. where we can become even more tolerant and good to all honourable human creatures.

Lodge Niederrhein Brethren currently have brethren who originate from 18 different countries. Represented at the Installation there were members from 14 of them.

Worshipful Master and Brethren all, I thank you.

Kind regards

Sincerely and fraternally


David Stevens PJGW (GLBFG)

PM Lodge Niederrhein

PM Swan of Avon Lodge No 2133 EC