Gänseessen Report


A short report on a great Social Evening on Saturday, 22 October 2014

We have enjoyed a wonderful and harmonious evening in a great company.
There was a group of 12 participants which includes
our WM Andrew and Patricia, Paul came with Inge and Marianne (widow of our late Brother Peter), Conway was accompanied by a beautiful lady from Ghana, our JW and coordinator German and Mallely and last but not least, Ulli, Ralf and the Lodge’s reporter.
Our new caterer „U.Land“ has presented us a delicious roast goose with red cabbage, potato dumpling (the German version – not the most delicious English one!?) and with chestnut and roast apple (filled with almond paste).
The conversation was great and everyone had participated. Good jokes weren’t missed.
A pity that so many other Brethren couldn’t attend, let’s be optimistic for next year’s goose evening!
With fraternal regards,
The Lodge’s Reporter