Paul Moore Schule


The Paul Moor Schule in Mönchengladbach is a special school for mentally handicapped children. Many are also physically handicapped.

Circus Pyriamd
Our previous Worshipful Master chose this very worthy cause and we were invited to visit the school. Those who attended were extremely moved. The children were so very happy and obviously enjoyed their school life.

Klaus Kohn, the Head Master of the school, told us of a plan to hold a circus in the grounds of the school. This was to be a ”proper” circus with an enormous tent which would hold 400 guests! The children would be trained by the experts of the circus ”Tausend traum” (thousand dreams) and then present what they had learned at two performances.


Of course this was not going to be cheap! The Worshipful Master felt that this was a very worthy cause and asked The Head Master to put any money that we could raise towards that project. On the day of the circus many of our members along with their families and friends came along to see the show.

I don’t believe anybody felt that the donation could have been better placed. For that reason our new Worshipful Master decided to support the school another year in any projects that they would have. Klaus pointed out that a new kitchen was needed for cookery classes. Thanks to all who donated, the Kitchen is now in use!